Ginger Health Benefits – Why This Herb Rocks

Yes, there’s more than one.

You probably already know the main one. I know I do. You see, I get a little dizzy at high altitudes and if it’s hot too, I’ve been known to pass out or puke. But one thing that always helps me is ginger ale.

Ginger motion sickness:

Ginger is the natural cure for nausea, lightheadedness, and motion sickness. It’s one of those home remedies that’s better than anything you can find in a drugstore. Its effectiveness has been tested and researched in labs. And regular people have relied on it for years and years.

Ginger Benefits – The Ones You Don’t Know About

If I ended this article above, ginger would still rock, but there’s more to report about this herb. In China, women take ginger root during pregnancy to alleviate morning sickness. The Chinese have always led the world in integrating herbs into their daily lives. They are, without a doubt, the world’s foremost herbalists.

Note: Pregnant women should always be cautious about taking herbal extracts, including ginger.

Less well-known benefits of eating ginger – a list:

  • cleans the colon
  • improves blood circulation
  • reduces cholesterol
  • prevents blood clotting
  • antioxidant power

The strong-smelling compound gingerol, found in ginger root, has a similar chemical structure to aspirin.

Side Effects and Precautions – Are There Any?

No side effects if taken properly.

Ginger root is not recommended if you take blood-thinning medication or you have gallstones.

Finally, Ginger Supplements- What You Need to Know

Ginger root is an excellent herb to see on the label of a multivitamin. Get ginger health benefits in the extract form; it’s the best absorbed. Ginger root should be standardized to contain 5 percent gingerols.

Why a multivitamin?

Well, with most nutrients, you can’t just take them separately and expect them to perform perfectly. Your body frequently requires one nutrient in order to absorb and use another. This is called synergy. And it’s why I always recommend taking herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids together.

The Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is well-regarded to be a good remedy against several types of illnesses for several centuries now. Nowadays, modern science is only starting to uncover the many amazing benefits of ginger for medication. This short article contains exciting information about the numerous uses of ginger for treatment.

Amazingly, cancer cells could be killed by ginger just as what researchers at the Comprehensive Cancer Center inside the University of Michigan found out. What’s more exciting is that cancer cells may also be prevented from getting resistant to treatment by using ginger. The researchers performed a number of tests and each test used ginger mixed along with water. All their tests showed that cancer cells perished when they get into contact with the water and ginger solution. Cancer patients may soon be taking ginger based medications.

Talking about cancers, among the numerous health benefits of ginger is stopping colon cancer. There was a totally different investigation also carried out in the University of Michigan but by the Medical School to prove this. Thirty volunteers were used in the research and they were given either ginger supplement or maybe placebo. Just after 28 days, the test subjects were tested for colon inflammation. A substantive reduction in colon inflammation was seen on the test subjects who took ginger. Colon cancer is preceded by colon swelling. Therefore, we can conclude that ginger could actually help protect against colon cancer.

Another health problem that ginger can effectively treat is heartburn. Heartburn is a burning feeling felt just above your belly. It’s also felt in the neck and the throat. The wind pipe is often troubled when digestive juices from the stomach happen to be thrown upward. Ginger is effective against heartburn/acid reflux because it includes gingerols and phenols. Ginger could be made into ginger tea, chewed in the form of candy or even added to other teas in order to treat heartburn/acid reflux.

Another helpful benefit of ginger is its ability to prevent cardiovascular disease. You’ll find various natural medicines sites that discuss how ginger may help battle cardiovascular illnesses. Based on the website, ginger has phytochemicals and anti-oxidants that attack free radicals in the body.

Ginger is listed as among the safest remedies. Six grams of ginger root maximum is suggested just to stay in the safe side. Ginger can be packaged conveniently in many various forms is this is an advantage that physicians like. You can purchase fresh ginger roots from the market or ginger capsule or even powder from health stores. In case you are a lover of natural remedies, then don’t fail to remember to put ginger root in your selection of beneficial natural treatments. Modern-day science is now catching up with collecting information about the numerous benefits of ginger while ancient Chinese medicine employed it for hundreds of years. Ginger has plenty of health benefits that we probably still aren’t aware of and further studies can be very helpful. The information and facts that we already have should inspire us to do additional research. Thus flavor your foods with ginger and enjoy the remarkable benefits.

Although we already know a great deal about ginger root, there’s nevertheless a great deal that we have to discover. There are probably various other applications of this present from nature that we don’t recognize yet and they’re worth figuring out. We just have to open our eyes to discover the many gifts of nature.